Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Video

Nouvelle Vague have always been extremely popular with readers of this blog, so for this weekend's video here's their version of "Love Will Tear us Apart" by Joy Division. There are a lot of covers of this song out there, but I definitely like this one best.


As I was driving to work after posting the above, I heard this new single from Regina Spektor's forthcoming album "Far" (to be released next week). I'm somewhat of the mind that this video might take away from the song - but the song's a beauty and certainly unusual for a summer release!


Strath said...

I have to say that Paul Young's version is actually kind of good too. Guilty pleasure

Anonymous said...

i love this- agree about the clip- but theres something uplifting about the song anyway.. love your blog. :)

Josie said...

She is just so wonderful. Completely unique take on the world around us!

Anna K said...

I'm happy to learn that you enjoy Regina.