Saturday, December 27, 2008

Top Ten #6 – The Daily Beast

At last, an innovative, original, professional, and beautifully designed web magazine has arrived with the gravitas and best qualities of a traditional print magazine coupled with the nimbleness required by the web . While there are of course many fabulous blogs, and a smaller number of more esoteric webzines, it has taken the touch and verve of Tina Brown coupled with the deep pockets of Barry Diller to make something on a grand scale that looks and feels like the real thing. I am talking about The Daily Beast.

Launched during the presidential campaign (very smart move) the first thing that struck me about Beast was how ground-breaking the design and functionality of the site was. Where The Huffington Post is a steadfast Volvo, delivering its news in boxy and predictable chunks, The Daily Beast is a svelte Maserati – elegant, cool, able to turn on a dime, and waiting to pounce and surprise you.

They have excellent writers – from Brown herself to Chris Buckley, Susan Cheever, and Michael Korda – but keep their pieces at just the right length for reading on the screen. And last but not least, they understand that the web is a visual medium and illustrate everything they can with photographs that catch our attention.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, unlike Huffington Post or Daily KOS, Daily Beast gives Republican idealogy too much Politico, too...especially considering that they're now just a failed southeast regional party no longer (if ever) worthy of having a mainstream outlet to air their intolerant, greedy, backwards views. You can blame Tina Brown for that.

The Year in Pictures said...

I'm happy to post differing points of view - but Anon. (above) is way off.