Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Ten #7 – Friends with Cameras

Now that there’s no question we’re truly in the digital age, a place in the top ten has to go to friends with cameras who know how to take good pictures and are quick to e-mail them to the people they know would appreciate them. Top of my own list is Leslie Simitch, the executive vice president of Trunk Archive.

I’ve always felt Leslie was good enough not just to manage photographers, but to be a photographer herself – as these two pictures that I just received from her current Roman holiday amply display. However, Leslie was also the first person I knew who understood and took advantage of the seamless delivery system of digital photography from camera to e-mail inbox. We're talking ten years ago here!

We all have friends who are early adopters and Leslie got me going on iPhoto, passed on the invaluable advice to always use a card reader to download my photos instead of connecting directly from the camera (less risk of screw-up), and generally got me up to speed on all things digital. Much of this knowledge has now been passed on to countless friends and family – the circle of iLife, so to speak.

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Dave said...

My new years resolution: be better at emailing photos to friends.