Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top Ten #10 – McDonald's Southwestern Salad

To repeat what I said last year at this time: I’ve never been a huge fan of top ten lists (other than David Letterman’s). Too often they seem obvious or self-congratulatory. But as I’m taking off for the holidays, for the next week and a half I hope you’ll find some interest in a countdown of the top ten things that enriched my life in 2008 in all kinds of different ways.

With best wishes to all for a Happy New Year!

I first discovered this dish at Art Basel Miami when I was looking for a quick and relatively healthy lunch and passed a McDonald's. (I know - oxymoron time.) But their salads really are quite fresh and depending on whether you add chicken and how you have it (grilled or crispy) you can moderate your caloric intake if you want. Most importantly, due to the unexpected mix of ingredients and the piquant Paul Newman dressing that comes with it - it makes for a surprisingly sophisticated and tasty meal.

Back in New York I tried it for lunch again with my assistant Julia, who not only gave it a big thumbs up, but a few days later went out and got it again!

So in tribute to Paul Newman, appreciation to McD's for the adventurous offering, knowledge that you can probably find this all over the country, and realization that even for us picture people there are other senses to care about - the Southwestern Salad takes a surprise spot in the Top Ten.

I get the crispy chicken, but ask them to leave off the glaze.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny. My compliments to the chef and the photographer.


Anonymous said...

U go all the way to miami beach and eat mcdonalds? shame on you! Live a little there are a million good restaurant spots there....

The Year in Pictures said...

To Anon -

Do not worry. I had two delicious dinners while in Miami. One at Casa Tua - gorgeous outdoor setting, delicious food, incredibly chic crowd. And one at Preston's at the Loew's Hotel - not quite as chic but equally delicious food, powerful drinks, and a great place to have a nice conversation.

I like to to mix it up!

Gastronomically yours,