Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer's End

Stefano & Janet

With summer almost over, as is our tradition a small group of friends gathered on the beach in Bellport, Long Island, on Sunday to celebrate with a sunset potluck dinner.

This year, with the experience of having worked closely with The Sartorialist under my belt (as well as my sandproof and waterproof Pentax Optio W60) I paid homage to Sart with a series of full length shots. The results were so good, I thought I would share my foolproof summer portrait tips:

1. Find a beach.

2. Wait until the sun is about 10 minutes from setting.

3. Position the sun over one shoulder.

4. Stand around 15 feet away from your subject.

5. Zoom the lens so that it's the equivalent of somewhere around an 80 - 100 millimeter lens.

6. Crouch down so that the camera is at about the chest level of your subjects.

7. Compose the shot so that there's a little space below the subjects feet and about double that space above the head.

8. Shoot fast.

Phil & family


Katia & Howard

Josie & Teddy

Steve, Chapel, Suzanne, & Sophie


Unknown said...

Thanks for the portrait tips. Last Christmas I was gifted a Lumix camera and I love it. Last June I took a bunch of family portraits on Siesta Key beach. It's hard to take a bad shot on a beach. I've also found it's hard to take a bad shot on a farm in Kentucky around sunset.

Allie said...

Wonderful photos! And so reminiscient of the Sart. I love them. Thank you for posting them and the how-to. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

what a handsome gathering! and thanks for giving the false location....I know those pics are taken somewhere near Montauk....


indigo16 said...

What makes these photographs so successful is your use of the evening light, it gives the whole composition a beautiful warmth. All too rare here in blighty!

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of good reasons photographers in the know call that time of day "golden hour".

Joanna Goddard said...

you're all adorable!

Anonymous said...

You forgot #9: focus