Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pretty in Pink

On my last day in L.A. I seemed to be bombarded by color. Above, a rather futuristic arrangement at the HBO offices in Santa Monica.

And below - I was passing by the Alexandra Von Furstenberg showroom and her plexi furniture caught my attention. They look like they're illuminated by some inner light source but it's just the brightness of the neon color. From both a design and sculptural point of view, these were an impressive surprise.

And on my last morning run of the trip, I passed this trash can full of discarded roses which seemed quite poetic at the time! Back to more of the usual photo fare when I return.


Paul Pincus said...

i really love the alexandra von furstenberg furniture line. the pieces are really great-looking!

gosh, she's full of surprises!?!?

Anonymous said...

i loved your trash can full of roses!! been shooting in the 6BC garden since spring, always trying to see with new eyes, discover new things. it amazes me that i can still find something to shoot each time. maybe i need to look in the compost or garbage next!