Thursday, April 17, 2008

Seen off the Street

Between a pocket sized digital and an iPhone, there's nearly always a chance to snap whatever catches your eye. So here are a few things I happened on over the last few days. Above - a new Louise Lawler waiting to be framed at Laumont.

A Thomas Ruff shot from the street outside the lobby of of 1 East 57th. Security wouldn't let me take the picture inside but were very relaxed and pleasant about letting me take the picture from outside!

And then with my iPhone:

In the back room of the Staley/Wise gallery. The big picture was taken on the set of the original "Lolita" by Bert Stern.

And finally, what was literally a drive-by shooting of Frank Gehry's IAC building. I've not been 100% convinced by this building but I think this picture (somewhat luckily) shows it at its best.


Alice Olive said...

Oh, the IAC building is superb. The photo gives this an eeriness - I love it.

jen said...

i feel myself trying to like that building but just can't do it. how can a building be so photogenic and yet so unappealing? mine.

nina corvallo said...

That building does nothing for me (nor the jewelry Gehry has been designing for Tiffany's), but at least they did not build it in Soho, like 40 Mercer.
Your picture however does show the IAC in the best possible light.
I am wondering, what do you think of Palazzo Chupi-- I love Mr. Schnabel's over-the-top opus, but I know I am in the minority.

Candace said...

I love taking photos from inside the car...and you managed to captured the building very nicely! The combination of the blues and greys is great too.

jesse said...

the only good thing i've heard from people about this building is that it looks pretty awesome from jersey. so that's jersey 1, chelsea 0.