Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Video - Crouching Tiger/Hooverphonic

After a week of news photography of one kind or another I felt the need for some escapism and my thoughts turned to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Of course there were dozens of iterations, scenes, and tributes on YouTube. My favorite is the great fight in the trees scene (above), but I also discovered the YZU Symphonic Band of China playing music from the film, and this home-made video tribute by Lori Bowen cut to the song “Eden” by Hooverphonic - a Belgian band I had never heard of.

Turns out Hooverphonic is quite an interesting band who have made 9 albums since 1996 and whose music has been a source of inspiration for film-makers including Bernardo Bertolucci and t.v. shows like La Femme Nikita and Cold Case. So the last clip, illustrating once again the great laterally educational power of the web, is Hooverphonic themselves.


Vee said...

Its interesting that you found out hooverphonic. They are huge in Europe. i guess a problem with a lot of great european bands is that they a) aren't interesting in crossing over to america b) americans aren't interested in bands that aren't mainstream.

Kirk T. said...

Thank you for posting our video on your blog but, to be honest, we're NOT from china! We are from Taiwan!
Please don't tell me that Chinese people all look the same. :(