Monday, March 16, 2009

Of Grace Longoria, Dolphins, and Unicorns

Our Tanyth Berkeley show opened on Friday to big crowds and a wildly positive response. How do I know this? We served 350 glasses of wine and sold several pictures – the latter being a rarity at openings where usually only the former takes place. The star of the night, however, had to be Grace herself who dazzled and mesmerized all who came into contact with her. To give a sense of her in motion, here’s a picture of her taken from her Facebook page. A star has many points!

Tanyth once said to me that Grace was like a unicorn. And then lo and behold, a friend of Grace’s posted a story on her wall about an albino pink dolphin spotted near the Gulf of Mexico. “Like finding a unicorn” was the comment. I looked up the story and somehow it all seems to fit together.

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