Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aisle 3

Aisle 3 seems a little sleepy at first, but it has a subtle charm different from the other aisles. Case in point, the above Atget of roses at Gallery 19/21.

Next comes one of the sleeper hits of the show, a cabinet of dozens of photographs of the same woman, obsessively framed and arranged, in the cornucopia of vernacular photographs that fill the booth of David Winter of Winter Works on Paper.

The full cabinet.

Detail of the above.

One of many good things at Contemporary Works/Vintage Works - a Mapplethorpe of Lisa Lyon's legs.

And one of my favorite Irving Penn photographs - "Girl in Bed" from 1949.

Also at Contemporary Works/Vintage Works, I thought I'd seen most of the good Inauguration photos but this pigment print made from a daguerrotype by master dag maker Jerry Spagnoli was a nice mix of old and new.

At Yancey Richardson, a row of portraits of Russian and and Latvian children by Dutch photographer Helen Van Meene.

At Bonni Benrubi a vibrant new Camera Obscura image by Abelardo Morell.

And at Hemphill, a now scarce row of cinema screen pictures by Hiroshi Sugimoto.These were made by leaving the shutter open for the entire duration of a film's projection making the screen go totally white while lighting the ambient location.


Mazal Shoofan Shabani said...


Paul Kierstead said...

You've posted a couple of Irving Penn ones lately and it really intrigues me. Anyone have suggestions on a good (and affordable) Penn book with good printing and a good representation of the work?

Anonymous said...

Nice, but not as awe-inspiring as Aisles 1 & 2. The Irving Penn was the standout for me in this round. I sure do appreciate you doing this.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful Penn. And the Spagnoli dag is terrific. Nice to see an early technique used to document a contemporary moment that will (and has) become a historic one.

Paul Pincus said...

i wasn't aware of "girl in bed" by irving penn. so extraordinary. i think it's one of the most beautiful images i've ever seen. thanks, james!