Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Animal Planet

Alexander Safonov.
 Common dolphins charging a 'ball' of bait during the sardine run off the east coast of South Africa.

Here at The Year in Pictures, we always enjoy a good animal picture (and we've been incredibly busy setting up the new gallery) so to keep things fresh and for a change of pace are a selection of some of the shortlisted wildlife images from the Sony World Photography Awards.

Ken Conger. A gathering of bald eagles in South Alaska.

Alejandro Jose De Oliveira Sanchez. Jellyfish.

Federico Veronesi. African elephants in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

Lisa Maree Williams. 
A joey koala clutches a fake substitute mother at the Australian Wildlife hospital, the largest wildlife hospital in the world, Queensland, Australia.


Barry said...

I also enjoy a "good" animal picture.

An animal image captures my interest when it reveals something of life as felt outside our own small, self-absorbed worlds.

The dance of dolphins and sardines does this, as does the koala image. Thank you!

Alice Olive said...

Oh wow. These are beautiful. The shot of African elephants is superb.

Anonymous said...

The image of the joey koala is incredibly depressing. Sweet but depressing.

Paul Pincus said...

love these.

the ken conger image puts my hellish day in perspective! the federico veronesi is spectacular.

Christopher Paquette said...

the elephants..... incredible!