Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend Video - Stacy McQ

Last weekend was parents' weekend at my son's boarding school, and one of our favorite traditions is to go to "Grasshopper Night" - a review/talent show put on by the students. The performances are always of a remarkably high standard, but this time a 10th grade classmate of my son's, Stacy McQ, performed a song she had written that was so good it seemed ready to be recorded by any one of the country/pop stars who regularly top the charts (if not Stacy herself).

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amanda said...

"Who's Hannah Montana? Who? No-I think you are speaking of "Stacy McQ who's new CD is about to be released, and one of her singles has already hit and stayed in the #1 spot."

Looks are similar, but talent is spectacular! And a songwriter too-She's set!