Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Shots from All Over

Over the long weekend, I took the opportunity to surf the web in search of interesting images. Here are some of my finds:

From Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the master of aerial photography, a road in Egypt's Nile Valley covered by sand dunes.

From Fahey-Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, this Patrick Demachelier photograph of Gisele Bundchen. Fahey-Klein's show opens in conjunction with the photographer's retrospective at the Petit Palais in Paris.

From the forthcoming show of political photographs by Diana Walker at Howard Greenberg, this shot of Republicans enjoying themselves.

Answering the question of whatever happened to the three little piggies, this image taken during the summer floods in Iowa.

Scientists have created a beautification algorithm through which you can run a picture to make any face conform to idealized notions of beauty. Brigitte Bardot and James Franco came out unchanged.

Meanwhile, Esquire Magazine reprise their famous Platon "crotch shot" of Bill Clinton with a more graceful Cliff Watts portrait of their "sexiest woman alive", Halle Berry.

From the blog I Heart Photograh an introduction to the work of Manuel Vazquez.

And an echo from TIME's "Pictures of the Week" in this photograph of visiting parents of new students at a Chinese university allowed to sleep overnight in the gym.

Not surprisingly there's now a website devoted to pictures of sad looking traders. Click here.

Brad Pitt publishes his home pictures of wife Angelina Jolie in W Magazine. A mini-controversy erupts over the apparent breast-feeding pictured on the cover, but there's a much better and more striking picture of those famous lips inside.

And last but not least, when it come to super-cute, this picture was hard to beat!


Anonymous said...

How do you reconcile a fashion photo, for a paid job, for a commercial client, shown in a fine art gallery? Have we simply gotten so celebrity-oriented that "if it sells for high enough, then we'll call it art"?

The Year in Pictures said...

To anonymous -

I don't think the commercial element has any relevance. The question when you look at pictures in any context is do they work for you? Do they communicate any vision, quality, or originality? There are just as many bad pictures made in the name of art as commerce.


amanda said...

Super-cute is the word! I want I want!

Cheryl said...

Just came across your blog and love it. The picture of Angelina on the cover is so beautiful - why are people so inane about breastfeeding?

Miss Kolleen said...

love your blog, james!

Anonymous said...

i laughed at the beautification algorithm, so unnecessary, actually, the picture prior "adjustment" is just...more beautiful. what's wrong about big eyes? :)

Anonymous said...

The "beautification algorithm" is more properly a "prettification" one, I think--generally speaking, it turned beautiful and interesting faces into boring faces.

Unknown said...

really, they're all just fantastic! the little piggies are stuck in my mind though :)

Unknown said...

Do you have any more information about the algorithm? Whereabouts did you find the image/info? I'm doing some research that relates.

Gina said...

The photo of the mouse just kills me with it's epic cuteness!

Where did you find it!? I want to buy a print of it!