Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Bug's Life

One more week to see Sally Gall's show "Crawl" at the Julie Saul Gallery in Chelsea.

Other than the unusual rhyming of the key words (Gall, crawl, Saul) it's an unusual view of nature taken from several inches above the ground. Gall, who has been unapologetic about her interest in beauty throughout her career, now brings a Pixar like scrutiny to a bug's eye view of the world and discovers a wondrous Eden.

She reflects, "Infants know this world for a time. Picnickers and soldiers glimpse it. There is no more dynamic stage of life and death on earth than the first few inches above its surface. This is where prairies and forests are born. Here is where the bulk of our food comes from and where all earthly creatures return when our lives are finished. Comforting, beautiful, frightening, and strange--this is the terrestrial world. And it can only be discovered and known intimately on hands and knees."

One marvels at the patience that must have been necessary to capture these images as well as the consistency and quality. It's a mid-summer treat!

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