Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Video - The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes are a Danish rock duo whose music is characterized
by two-part vocal harmonies inspired by early American pop coupled with hard-edged, distortion overlaid, electric guitar. Their songs juxtapose the structural simplicity of 50s and 60s rock with an intense blown-out sound, driving beats, and dark lyrical content similar to The Velvet Underground. "We are not scared of being blunt about what the references are in our music," says vocalist Sharin Foo. "For instance, if you look at our name, The Raveonettes, it's a complete direct reference to The Ronettes and Buddy Holly Rave On!" They’ve even had Ronnie Spector (lead singer of the Ronettes) guest on one of their recent albums.

I first heard their music on WFUV's "World CafĂ©" two nights ago and was mesmerized by the song “The Beat Dies” based on Angelo Badalamenti’s theme music for the t.v. mini-series Twin Peaks. For anyone who remembers that show and the music, this song connects straight to the subconscious. (On the radio Foo decribed it as burlesque meets rock and you can hear the bump and grind drum beat at the opening of the song.)

The sound quality is pretty bad on all the video clips available, in fact almost unlistenable, so this is more of a trailer to encourage you to go to iTunes and download the song, although be warned - the sound is somewhat murky on the album too. But I do really like the song and the color and unintentional verité feel of the film. I think the image that illustrates the clip (above) is pretty cool too - and even cooler for being randomly generated by YouTube.

Also below, a short clip of Sune Wagner and Sharin Foo talking about the song.


Anonymous said...

I heard Love In A Trashcan on World Cafe a while back and was hooked ever since. It's good to find out I'm not the only one listening to NPR.;)

Ian said...


Thought I'd joust say, love the site and what you are doing here. Look forward to visiting again


Anonymous said...

I have known your blog two days ago and I like it so much.

Probably this photo has content in it.

It belongs to the spanish director Pedro Almodovar and has inspired the movie that has just started to make it.

When he did it in Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain), didn't see the couple who was embracing each other. Now he has invented a history of movie for them titled "Los abrazos rotos" ("The broken embraces").

You can see it also in his blog

Raquel, from Canary Islands.

Anonymous said...

Amazing song. Thanks for the tip.

Grand Life said...

Just stumbled onto your blog and spent the last 2 hours going through the archives. I'll be back often. Incredible photo's and commentary. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Chuff said...

Loved Twin Peaks, still can't get enough of the theme song.
Love The Raveonettes and saw them perform at this years SXSW in Austin. Very intense!