Monday, May 19, 2008

Comfort and Joy

A year ago when I was a judge at the Hyeres Photo Festival, one of my fellow jurors was Simon Foxton – the Fashion Director of the magazine Fantastic Man. This was not a magazine I was familiar with, although I particularly liked the name as it sounded like something you would make up as a joke, but when I finally saw Fantastic Man for the first time, I realized it was actually a very good magazine – accessible, original, creative, fun.

I bought the current Spring/Summer issue because it featured a long interview with my friend and colleague, The Sartorialist. But the feature I liked best was a fashion story on wearing men’s pyjamas outside. I’ve always liked the idea and been impressed with Julian Schnabel’s predeliction for P.J.s (as opposed to Hugh Hefner’s). I think the basic rule is that P.J.s should look preppy and rumpled, not shiny and boudoiry! Anyway, the photographs by Daniel Riera, and the styling by Jodie Barnes are natural and unaffected and present a completely convincing case for how to mix comfort and style this summer!

Please feel free to send in your pictures of outdoor P.J. dressing.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful city though Liverpool is, it does have its fashion, erm, 'quirks'. Some girls from certain localities and social groups are often to be seen wearing pyjamas while out and about ( A lot of people are a bit sneery about this, but maybe these girls are actually directional, Fantastic Man readers!
Apparently PJs are also big in Shanghai, take a look at the 'PJs Worn in the Street' pool on Flickr (yes it exists!)

Anonymous said...

l wear my pyjamas outdoors often-l
started doing it as a kid and just
kept doing it.Usually l wear flannel blue and white striped ones
as they're so comfortable,always
with bare feet.A cool look for most
of the year.