Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I’ve been incredibly lucky to have great assistants and last night Samantha Contis, my first assistant when I opened Danziger Projects, and Julia Baum, my current assistant, presented an irresistible photo-op. The occasion was the opening of the Yale MFA Photography 2008 exhibition at Danziger Projects which included Samantha Contis's work. If you want to see what the other eight graduates of what is generally considered the top photography MFA program in the country are up to, the show runs through this Saturday.

One other thing that Samantha and Julia have in common is that both have extremely good websites. Samantha’s features a range of her work which is both pastoral and cinematic. She’s terrific at landscape, great with skin, and given any opportunity to combine the two she’s off to the races!

Julia’s website features an ever growing body of portraits of redheads, shot in a luminous outdoor studio she has found for the project. Any genuine redheads living in or passing through New York and wanting to be photographed for the project should contact her via the site or at

Samantha Contis's photographs:

Julia Baum's photographs:


Alice Olive said...

Wow, Julia's portraits are absolutely stunning. The light is superb.

Unknown said...

Gingers ...I know, how immature of me. Beautiful though, really. I love your blog.