Friday, December 14, 2007

Your Spread of Spreads

I am not a disinterested observer (being in the process of producing a film based on the life and autobiography of Diana Vreeland) but Vince Aletti's 8 page appreciation of the exuberance of Vreeland's VOGUE layouts in the new issue of Aperture Magazine is a knockout. Vince has long been an authority on magazines as well as one of the more eloquent and astute writers on photography and the selection of spreads is terrific (as is the design by Yolanda Cuomo).

Regarding my own D.V. project, I am incredibly pleased to announce that Ric Burns has agreed to make the film his feature debut. My co-producer is Nina Santisi who produced what is generally considered the best and truest film on fashion - "Unzipped". We are at the earliest stage of development, but describe the film-to-be as a blend of documentary and performance with a single actress playing the role of Diana Vreeland. For those who did not see Ric Burns' last work, the 4 hour PBS documentary on Andy Warhol, trust me - it's one of the greatest documentaries ever made (along with his 7 part series on New York). Both are available on DVD.

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