Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Life Aquatic

I left Miami on Friday morning after visiting the Aqua fair. If you're not sated after 7 or 8 fairs I imagine there's something wrong with you. So I was happy to leave, but especially happy that after the dull start of the main Miami Basel fair, the peripherals brought back the sense of discovery and pleasure that art fairs should be all about. So just a few additional pictures....

The j-pegs don't do justice to this picture by Richard Barnes but it's a pretty spectacular print and wry comment on both the human condition and on the concept of exhibition.

Arne Svenson is following up his popular black and white series on sock monkeys with a new color series of stray cats photographed against patterned towels!

I really liked these collages made from cut up Art Forums by Keith Holbrook.

As I was finishing Aqua the skies opened up and with all that art and inspiration and influence fresh in my soul I couldn't resist taking this Darren Almond/Thomas Ruff/Matthew Spiegelman tribute.

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