Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From Carmel

Well, I couldn't leave out dogs could I? This is Edward Weston's grand-daughter Cara's dog examining me as I'm looking at Edward Weston photographs. My trip to Carmel was to look at the prints that belong to the family that were printed by Edwards' son Cole Weston (Cara's dad).

For a long time these prints were a common denominator of collectors and collections, but they're beautiful and increasingly rare, and I think it's past time for a revisionist approach. So the point of my visit was to work out the details of a show I have been planning with Cara. More on which later.

In the meantime I'll just post a few of the many pictures I'll be showing from the iconic to the less well known, which I've just had the pleasure of holding in my hands.

Shell, 1927

Nude, 1927

Clouds, 1936

Dunes, 1936

Rain Over Modoc Lava Beds, 1937


Daniel Brooke said...

Wow, what a tough day at the office!

I have never seen Rain Over Modoc Lava Beds before.

Caille said...

Soooo jealous.

chook said...

Wow, I am no photographer but I love Edward Weston. Perhaps not knowing the technical side allows me to enjoy them just as they are. Special!

Tait said...

Beautiful! I'll be looking forward to this show.

rcoda said...

You lucky "dog"!

I love Carmel! Wish I was there... well maybe not today... it's only 74 and raining in Scottsdale, AZ!

I hope you get to stop by Kim's place at Wildcat Hill.

Mandy Corrado said...

Oh, how lovely to hold actual Edward Weston photographs in your hands!!!! This sounds like a fantastic trip. Enjoy!

RubyMel said...

this is the type of photography that speaks to me!

Fredde Ahlstrom said...

Inspiring and divine!!!

Ellen said...

Just being able to see these makes my day!

M.W. Nolden said...

Thanks these are great photos. I have always loved the way Weston frames his images; at first they always seem a slight bit off but then after a few minutes one realizes that he's really just showing you the more compelling way to "see" something. Perhaps that's also why, even after all these years, the pictures still (at least to my eye) look "modern". I might be wrong but I believe I read that Guy Bourdin was inspired to take up photography after seeing Weston's pictures of peppers.
Thanks again…

Maureen said...

Last year, as you may know, one of the Weston heirs (or ex-wife?) auctioned off some the family's collection. At the small gallery here in San Francisco that had the honor of previewing the prints, which included the work of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Brett Weston and others, the most memorable for me was one by Brett. In foggy London, a parked hearse with back door flung open was in the foreground with a small girl running off into the misty distance.

Sondra said...

I used to have postcards of Westons
"Shell 1927" and "Nude 1936".
Somehow they have gotten lost.
I've tried on line to find a source of postcards reproduced from Weston prints and wonder if you know of any.
Thank you for such a lovely Blog.
I read every day.

The Year in Pictures said...

Sondra -

I believe the company Fotofolio do Weston postcards. If not, they would probably know who does. Try: Good luck!