Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Peace 4 Sale!

I was going to comment yesterday on how the peace symbol had become as much a pop-cultural and fashion accessory as anything meaningful but decided to resist the cynical thought. That was until I went into Blockbuster minutes after writing yesterday's post and saw the above display - a day after noticing the peace symbol hoodies at Target! Sadly for Gerald Holtom the peace symbol was never copyrighted.


Marielizabeth said...

I work at a small store in a relatively small town in FL, & we talk about this all the time - all of our peace symbol jewelry flies off the shelves before anything else, & all range of customers are buying it - to the point of ordering eight pairs of peace studs compared to two pairs of anything else at a time.

Anonymous said...

It's not sad. The symbol was used by everyone - the message was communicated far and wide. Fantastically effective. Strong marketing for a good cause, with nothing to sell except an ideal.