Friday, January 25, 2008

Weekend Video - Dance Round-Up

This blog has been moving so fast, please excuse me if I re-cap....

I started blogging in November and traffic was pretty constant through Christmas with viewers in the low hundreds. Then this month thanks to The Sartorialist,, boingboing, and a few others, things exploded and I now get well over 10,000 visits a day! In my first post I said the blog was "about a love of photography and the pleasure I get from finding good pictures" and that's exactly what it is. Additionally every weekend for a change of pace (and to take some of the pressure off) I highlight what I hope is a particularly interesting video.

Last night I was talking to Trey Laird, owner of Laird + Partners, and one of the brightest advertising men in New York. He created the great Audrey Hepburn ad (above) for the GAP and is regular reader of the blog. However, he had missed the "Dance With Me" video by Nouvelle Vague - one of my absolute favorites. So I thought it was worthwhile re-posting that along with another previous post that could be the inspiration for an ad - the Bob Fosse dance set to the theme music of "Cool Hand Luke".

I hope you'll find the archives worth digging into. (To make it easier I just added titles to all the prior "Weekend Videos.) And I promise lots of fresh material coming up. I'd love to hear any comments on what you like, don't, and would like to see more of. Oh, and please pass it on. For everyone's convenience this blog can also now be accessed via

Have a great weekend!

"Dance With Me" by Nouvelle Vague.

"Cool Hand Luke" choreographed by Bob Fosse


momo said...

Oh, thank you for the Fosse! all three videos together are wonderful, but I had never seen that piece where Fosse teases apart the movement of flamenco in such a light way. I'm going to have to watch it about 70 times.

Vanya Du Toit said...

i stumbled across your blog today, and i just wanted to say how much i enjoy it! it's informative, interesting and very engaging, and i really do enjoy reading about what's happening in the arts on the other side of the world! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can tell you is :
I agree, more fresh things will be welcome (like Patrick Tsai & Madi Ju) and less marketing echo (like the iphone, second rank in your top ten !).
My advise is : be a radar !
One of your 10000 readers.

The Year in Pictures said...

August -

Thanks for your comment. I will try my best to be a radar!

Regarding the i-phone, though, I genuinely believe it's an incredible tool that allows you to interact with culture in all kinds of way. All my posts are from the heart.

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to know more movies that you recommend

for the dance videos, really nice, in the list of my personal favorites are Pilobolus and Philippe Decouflé

Topsy Turvy said...

I so fell in love with the Dance with Me by Nouvelle Vague that I swiped it for my own blog (with credit to you of course) and did some research on its origins. Found out it's from the 1964 movie Band of Outsiders by Jean-Luc Godard. I have it on order from Netflix, although I can't find anyone who's actually seen it. Thanks! Lana