Monday, January 14, 2008

The Lost Sitting

I was intrigued by the picture above, although I've never been a huge fan of Alison Jackson's work. I find her faux paparazzi shots more one-liners than art. To see what I mean you can go to the M+B gallery website for images from her current Los Angeles show.

Unfortunately, the JFK and Marilyn images that I thought presaged some subtler new work turned out to be some of Jackson's earliest work, but with their echo of Mary Alpern's "Dirty Windows" series and their convincing recreation of a likely event, it's an instructive look at the road not taken.

Whatever quality these pictures have, however, pales next to the
capture of real life. As I was getting ready to post the above, I
came across the picture of JFK and Jackie (below) from Elliott
Erwitt's continually surprising new book, "Unseen".


tom said...

The first photo, of Marilyn in the window with JFK wrapping his arms around her waist, reminded me initially of Edward Hopper's Room in New York and similar work of his.

odilean said...

thank you for sharing these with us. they are very powerful images.

Thélie said...

I'm french and I am mad of your photographs !! They are very nice