Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feet First!

There's a strange serendipity to the way pictures pop up. I was having a conversation with Beth Rudin DeWoody - art collector, curator, board member extraordinaire - about pictures of feet and two hours later this popped up in my inbox! It's an image illustrating the announcement for a play that Carole Anderson, a Parisian friend of mine is directing. The photographer is Aurélie Fernando. I don't know much more than that, but I do like the photograph!


g+m said...

It's pretty, and it looks like they're dancing, perhaps tango.

Reminds me of one I took at my friends' wedding rehearsal:

Joe Holmes said...

More serendipity: Just after seeing your photo with the high-heeled feet, I came across this photo at the top of WFMU's blog during my morning blog browse:

(I doubt I can include a photo in this comment...)

Harry said...

Another tender hearted and life affirming post, with a little bit of name dropping included. But that's OK, it's your métier after all, and as art dealers go, you seem to be a good guy. ps Love the surreptitious photos on yesterday's post. I wonder what's behind these restraints.

The Year in Pictures said...

To Harry:

I'm glad I didn't mention I was in Palm Beach!

Malinda said...

My sister would hang that on her wall... :) Beautiful! I really love the story that the picture creates (especially in blk and white).