Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Narelle Autio

It’s not summer yet, but here’s a whiff of it! Narelle Autio is an Australian photographer whose work falls somewhere between editorial and fine art, encompassing the best of both. A recurring theme in her work has been exploring the human figure in relation to water. In fact her first book, “The Seventh Wave”, done with her husband Trent Parke and published 10 years ago is considered a classic of the genre. (See some of those images all the way below.)

More recently, however, Narelle has turned her attention to still life and the natural and man-made remnants of summer beach days. Shot with a large format camera against a clean white ground it’s Irving Penn down under and with a tan!

From the series "The Place In-Between":

From the series "The Seventh Wave":


Phone with a Cord said...

wow these are awesome the black and white gives the water such a different affect. This is why I love B&W more than anything

Norlinda said...

Absolutely hilarious! Esp "Knickers".

Unknown said...

oh wow. sigh. . . .so dreamy. love.

Unknown said...

as I look at them again {a week later}, I wonder why my favorite is the panties with sand in the crotch .