Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Video - Touch My Body

The catchiest song of the moment, Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body”, has a video so excruciatingly bad there was no option but to resort to the Warholian tribute videos that blossom on You Tube like a thousand flowers! And it would be fun to get some reader response with a vote for best rendition.

The lyrics are not always easy to decipher but as you can see from the brief transcription below, they’re about as up to date as they can be.

If there's a camera up in here
Then it's gonna leave with me
When I do (I do)
If there's a camera up in here
Then I'd best not catch this flick
On YouTube (YouTube)
'Cause if you run your mouth and brag
About this secret rendezvous
I will hunt you down.

A final warning - if you listen to all the versions posted, it's impossible to walk around without the song on perma-loop in the back of your head.


wen360 said...

A laugh out loud hilarious post today! I definitely vote for Redd Style.

A Rare Breed said...

definitely the last girl! achoo, achoo!

btw, some of these are actually even funnier with the sound off.

A. said...

Redd Style hands down! oh the modesty. I just can't believe the pop music industry has started to namedrop internet sites. Will the next Mariah Carey song be about a group made on Facebook? said...

What an interesting post! It reminds me very much of the one feautured in THE ONCE UPON A TIME FAIRY's blog on march the 16th. A coincidence?