Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend Video - Cat Power

I was listening to Public Radio today as I was driving to work and Frank Sinatra came on. You don't hear a lot about Frank these days, although this new cover version of "New York, New York" by Cat Power from her latest album, Jukebox, is getting a fair amount of airplay. The clip is from a recent appearance on the BBC2's "Later... with Jools Holland" - a show the famously stage shy singer has been appearing on regularly and with an unusual degree of comfort over the years. That Power chooses to pretty much ignore the original tune is something you'll either applaud or bemoan.

Then Power, again, on "Later... with Jools Holland" in 2006, singing my favorite of her songs "The Greatest".

And lastly, this video of "Lived in Bars" directed by Robert Gordon which has a freshness and sweetness that contrasts nicely with the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Did you noticed Bill Eggleston in the video of "Lived in Bars" ? Some scenes were obviously taken in his own house.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the cat power triple-play. one just wouldn't be enough.

tintin said...

Man, I love her. She's taken New York, New York to a beautiful new place. Her voice is unique in this age of, "belt it out" Whitney Houston clones.