Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Their Majesties

When Annie Leibovitz photographed Queen Elizabeth last year, a misleadingly edited trailer for the BBC documentary, “A Year with the Queen”, suggested that the Queen walked out after Annie asked her to take off her crown for the picture. I happened to be in London at the time, and the British papers had a heyday with reports of how the crass American had dissed Her Majesty. But as this recently released full sequence shows, the Queen not only stayed, but Annie got amazingly strong pictures, especially given the constraints of the shoot.

For some reason, people always seem to want to take potshots at Annie. However, like the BBC had to do when they admitted misrepresenting the Leibovitz/QE2 shoot, it's time for these critics "to apologize to Annie Leibovitz for any upset they may have caused."

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gabrielazeanadal@hotmail.com said...

Great post! It's wonderful to watch her work -Leibovitz I mean-. I'm a great fan. And the resultant photos of the queen are so brilliant!