Saturday, November 10, 2007

To Whom it May Concern

This blog was inspired by such blogs as Conscientious, The Sartorialist, and Alec Soth's late and much lamented blog (although it's still up so you can read back posts).

It's about a love of photography and the pleasure I get from finding good pictures. The photograph above is by Alfred Eisenstadt of himself, his first wife, and his camera - the last of which turned out to be his greatest love.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of you, and your blog.
When I first came across your blog I was at a time when I was losing my love for photography.
The photography I see from regional photographers (who are supposedly professionals) make me feel discouraged rather than motivated.
And your blog was such an inspiration!
I guess all I wanna say is: Thank you!
Thank you so much for having such passion and sharing it with the world..