Saturday, March 19, 2011

AIPAD 2011

It's the weekend of AIPAD (the Association of International Photographic Art Dealers show) at the Park Avenue Armory, and while it didn't work out on our gallery schedule to participate, there are plenty of great things to see. Given a busy travel schedule, I haven't able to do my usual aisle by aisle round-up, but one of the great pleasures of AIPAD is discovering that gem of a photograph by some unknown or little known photographer and this year, the always reliable David Winter came through again.

For those not in the know, David is a private dealer specializing in vernacular, press, 19th century and other great images not in the usual high-end or big name price range. It's the image that matters to him and his booth is always bursting with a hyper-salon style floor to ceiling hanging.

I caught this image there of Coretta Scott King and while I don't know the exact details, it seems to have been taken at a rally in the 1960s (that's Harry Belafonte in the back) or perhaps a funeral. It looks a little like a William Klein of the period but the composition with King's face framed by the two military helmets, the drama of the foreshortening combined with the slashing line of the gun and bayonet, and the incredible nobility of King's face make for a memorable and powerful image.

AIPAD runs through tomorrow afternoon so if you're anywhere near the city do go see it. And feel free to send me your own favorite find. (To


Meghan Tansey Whitton said...

wow, this image is really captivating. The composition and framing are so tight, and there's so much happening in such a small space.
Thanks for showing!

Peteski said...

Looks like it's "Coretta Scott King at the Memorial Rally for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis 1968"

davidikus said...

It's the image that matters to him.

Shouldn't it always be like that? (I almos wants to make this my motto).

This image is very unusual: either the photographer used an ultra long lens or he cropped or a larger picture. It is very challenging, in a way. I like that. Thanks for sharing.