Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Video

Another weekend video courtesy of my contributing editor, Josie Danziger. In case you don't recognize the song it's Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours". But in addition to this highly original interpretation, have you noticed how good the video quality is on YouTube these days?

More on Jason to come as he's not only a great singer and songwriter but also a photographer. FYI - here's the original song below.


Martini said...

he's so adorable! a budding star, methinks. I love the scrunched up face at the end. so cute.

Anonymous said...

the video is so adorable.

but jason mraz... great singer/songwriter?

Mandy said...

Too cool.

Letterpress said...

School's started and I'm behind on The Year in Pictures. I needed this laugh--perfect tonic for a Grading Overload (yes, already). Thanks from the bottom of this Adjunct Professor's heart. Keep up the good work.