Thursday, July 8, 2010

RISD Graduate Photo Show at Danziger Projects

Sonya German's video work is based in the embarrassment, confusion, and joy of our sexual lives. Her investigation into our relationship with sex and love exploits her own vulnerabilities.

When I was approached out of the blue by this year's graduating RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) photo students about showing their work, I was happy to offer them a mid-summer week. They are a diverse and interesting group, and have been a complete pleasure to work with.

Anyway, we hang the show next week and due to the abbreviated schedule (July 13 - 17) we're having a Tuesday night opening so mark this in your datebook.

Heather Johnson is inspired by the visual cues of Pop Art. She exploits the theory of post-black America by appropriating and digitally manipulating photographic images of the African American elite, with a specific focus on actors and various media moguls who have crushed the glass ceiling of race, class, and culture.

Ki Ho Park documents what is left behind in the storefronts across America. He examines vacant retail stores left in a hurry—evidence of the decline of American prosperity .

Louisa Marie Summer’s focus is on portraiture and social documentary. Through intimate images of unpolished life, Louisa’s photographs and most recent video explore issues of social inequity and survival.

Isaac Wingfield grew up in rural Western North Carolina. He is using a study of the landscape to search for a way home, from urban New England back to his roots in the rural Southeast.


Anonymous said...

Very talented assemblage. You're good to do this.

I'd buy a Wingfield....


Unknown said...

That Wingfield looks like a phenomenal homage to Lasst tausand Blumen bluehen! by Kiefer. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful you're doing this! Such a talented lot. I also would like to applaud RISD'S awareness and support of diverse artists and equally applaud your honor to that diversity, (in picking images to show us.)

Joe Holmes said...

I just caught the show, and what a terrific, fresh bunch of photographers! I was impressed by Wingfield's presentation -- the prints take on a precious and painterly feeling printed small and hung in a group like that. And I'm always very impressed by photographers like Summer who can take us deep inside a family like she did. I'd love to see lots more of that series.