Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pierson Installation

So many people asked for installation shots of the new Jack Pierson show at Borotolami that I hightailed it over as soon as they opened today. I also should mention that the prints were made by David Adamson of Adamson Editions in Washington D.C.. Apart from being a good friend of mine, David happens to be considered the master printer of the digital age. The photographers he has printed for read like a Who's Who of the photo/contemporary art world (just click on the link above). And he's great at finding a solution so that everyone's prints look distinct. So much so that the prestigious Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris recently did a show based only on work Adamson had printed for different artists.


martin said...

Thank you!

pianosa said...

when i first saw the pierson pieces (i'm not sure exactly what to call them!), i liked them but i didn't quite understand the artistic impact you were explaining. kudos to the organizer of the installation, and this post, because now i think i get it! thank you for your persistence! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the exhibit, and while the pictures don't seem like much individually or online, the experience of seeing them all together quite large on the walls was really very beautiful, and what colors!
I was suprised by the (seemingly high) prices given they were folded paper. Though I do adore the idea of fine art to go, something to fold up and place in any dowdy interior you may find yourself in the world over, how fab.
A great show to check out.

The Year in Pictures said...

Re: the above comment. I think if one bought a piece, you would put it in a nice clean white box frame where it would stay clean from dust and preserved as it is on the wall now.


Tomatoes From Canada said...

I can't be in New York to see the show, but your installation shots have given me the flavour. Good for Pearson. The prints look great. Thanks for posting. Love your blog