Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Pierson

Eden Roc, 2010. 83 x 62 inches.

Here as promised are more Jack Pierson images from his new show. I thought I would explain why I liked these pictures so much.

Again, as with much contemporary art, or indeed any "new" art today - it's often the idea and the execution rather than the degree of technical skill that make the work interesting. Pierson's pictures are indeed nicely composed and colored, but in their large scale (up to 50 x 80 inches) and in their form as folded pigment prints the images are transformed. In the gallery, these are not just pictures to examine, they are experiences to get lost in. Photographs as sculpture. Photographs as pigment. Photographs as at once enduring and ephemeral.

It's like the Gursky "Oceans". You look at the work (and this is where seeing things online only can be limiting) and you think "I could have done that!". But the point is you didn't. It took someone with Pierson's eye, and experience, and background, and willingness to take a risk and do it.

Gold, 2010. 83 x 62 inches.

Torse d'athlete en marble. 2010. 83 x 62 inches.

Bird in Flight. 2010. 63 x 63 inches.

God is Love. 2010. 57 x 42.5 inches.


g+m said...

I do hate only being able to see the stuff you talk about online. A computer screen is limiting.

I love that last "God is love" one. Seems so ironic on the back of a tombstone.

Anonymous said...

In this situation I would like to see installation photographs to get a better sense of the scale in the exhibition space. It might give me a better understanding of the sculptural quality that you speak of. Thanks for sharing more of Pierson's latest work.

martin said...

I don't see that comment under the previous post. In any case, when the familiar is presented such that we experience it as new, it's thrilling to some and disconcerting to others--who may feel as if they were cheated, or may feel offended that an ounce of reality has been placed on a gallery wall. Usually, what such people prefer is some horrible cliché or received idea of what a worthy and professional photograph is.

(I also would love to see an installation shot.)