Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friends with Cameras - Part 2

Some of you may remember a previous post about my friend Leslie Simitch of Trunk Archive, the new powerhouse photo agency. Leslie is rarely without a camera and is something of a specialist at catching romantic couples on the fly.

Case in point, her latest snap (above) shot at some seedy club last night. Leslie, who is also an early adopter par excellence, now swears by the Canon S90 which she was turned on to by her old classmate, the great fashion photographer Pamela Hanson. That kind of recommendation is hard to ignore, so I guess we'll all have to try the camera (below) out.

And if you're in need of a refresher on Leslie's previous shots, here they are again:

You can't say the girl doesn't have talent!


Anonymous said...

Mr D --
Love your blog, alway read, thanks for keeping it going.
I'm a photographer and tried an S90 for a couple of weeks before returning it to Amazon for a refund. It's a pretty good camera, fits in your pocket which is nice. Some reviewers have said it's like holding a bar of soap, which isn't entirely untrue.
But the image quality while decent is not SO much better than other small point and shoots. The sensor is the same as canon's G11 --a bigger sensor than most little cameras. If you're thinking that your pix will be used mostly on the web, email, etc, the S90 looks darn good, yes, but i don't think it's an absolute must have...

I wanted something I could use for print if necessary, so I went to a Panasonic Lumix GF-1 with the fixed 20mm lens (40mm equiv on a 35mm).

The lens is 1.7, super sharp. The sensor is a lot bigger than the S90. The camera is too big for a pocket but not a coat pocket... the build quality is solid, easier to hold, you can shoot raw files, you can even shoot a square raw file, a mini-hasselblad in your hands (ok, i'm stretching.)

go to B&H, fondle both cams.



Wallace Chapman said...

nice theme - very cool shots, quite original :) wallace