Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Rich Harvest

A lot of good images that were new to me popped up over the last week. Above - "South Downs Way, West Sussex, 8th October 2007." By Simon Roberts from his new book "We English".

Then "2nd Class Girls, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007" by Rachel Papo.

Charles Trainor, a photographer from the Miami Herald came to photograph me for a story they're doing on dealers getting ready for Art Basel Miami Beach. Before he left, he mentioned that his father had also been a photographer. As you can see from the picture above of Elvis in 1956 and The Beatles and Ali in 1964 - that's certainly an understatement!

Finally, last week I was asked at the very last moment by my friend Jean-Jacques Naudet to drop by a reception for an old Paris Match photographer at the Oleg Cassini mansion off 5th Avenue. I didn't know what to expect but went out of courtesy to J-J, only to meet the most elegant and courteous photographer - Benno Graziani - and revel in his pictures of the jet set. That's his photograph of Jackie and the paparazzi, Port d'Amalfi 1962 - below.

And Gianni Agnelli and his yacht-guest Heidi von Salvisberg, Beaulieu 1967 - above. Talk about the swell life!


Joe Holmes said...

Rachel Papo is terrific. I really like her series "Serial No. 3817131" (the title of which I just discovered can't be copied and pasted from her Web portfolio because it's not text, it's an image). It's one of my favorite photo essays.


Letterpress said...

Loved Sussex and the ballerina girls. The line on both of those is so distinctly different but pulls me in anyway.

Ah, England. So danged photogenic.

Sara said...

Love all of them, specially the clouds on the first one and the shades of black/grey/white on the last one.

Oliu said...

Super nice post. Loved it!

von Pamer said...

This selection had me thinking about work and relaxation...
Simone Roberts: relaxation
Rachel Papo: work
Trainor (Elvis): work
Trainor (Beatles/Ali): work
Graziani (Jackie O): relaxation
Graziana (Agnilli/HvS): relaxation

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I've been obsessed with Degas' dancers since I can remember! Loving that ballet shot!

Roland said...

My Jack Russell was chasing these handgliders just last weekend, beautiful spot just off Devils Dyke. Great picture!