Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Video

I'd like to know how many Republican (or indeed other Democratic) Senators can do this! Al Franken, the comedian turned Senator draws a map of all 50 states from memory during an appearance at the Minnesota State Fair this fall. Lambasted by the right for being a liberal lightweight, this demonstration of cartographical knowledge, dexterity, and drawing skill certainly impresses me! (Forgive the annoying music on this clip or turn it down!)


Martini said...

That's pretty impressive. I myself, must say that I get lost when it comes to the Mid-west states.

I do know most of the state capitals though. My sister and I tend to play the "state capitals game" each time we have a long car-ride. I suppose it would be handy to know both the capitals and the location of the states. Might come in handy at a trivia game.

Fredde Ahlstrom said...

Hey james, your Scott Schuman blog! And no socks? How's business doing? ;-)