Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekday Video

Assuming this is not made using any special effects, this is one of the most amazing videos I have seen in terms of both content and cinematography. (Once the video has started, I suggest you click the button that comes up to the right of the HQ button at the bottom of the picture to view this full screen.)


Josh said...

I can assure you no special effects are necessary. This really is being done, sometimes with tragic results. Shane McConkey died last winter in such a a stunt when his skis did not release in time. I have mixed feelings about all this. Is it a natural expression of what's possible with evolving technology, or is it just boys being stupid? In any case, though I love to ski, I have a natural fear of heights. Watching this makes me cringe.

The Year in Pictures said...

Josh -

I'm totally with you on this. It makes me cringe too.


Joe Holmes said...

Oh my goodness that looks like fun.

Rosemary said...

So interesting and provocative when compared with last week's picture of the person in the middle of the Manhattan street which was taken from high up.
Has that person landed? Could that person take off? Cliffs; skyscrapers? Same; different?

Letterpress said...

Yep, this is cringe-worthy. Lots of testosterone flowing and young men jumping and me sitting here in my jammies just wincing, wondering how in the heck they were going to land this and then. . . the parachutes popped out of their backs and I relaxed for a minute. Until I read Josh's comment. Do such physical expressions (as in wing suits and cliffs and floating) and that feeling of "I'm beating the world" always have to end so sadly? Possibly.

I love that saying: All old men were once young, but not all young men will be old. Reminds me to not envy this. I'm glad you posted it--made me think (and hold my breath).

Anonymous said...

The images of flying so close to the
cliff edge, then swooping past
the road were totally amazing
and utterly terrifying.
I still don't believe what I saw.

Melissa said...

that video was insane. i can't believe humans are actually doing this.