Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brandi Carlile

I've been writing about Brandi Carlile for a while and now her third album, "Give Up the Ghost" has just been released. It's a relief when an album by a relatively new artist lives up to their early promise and "Give Up the Ghost" more than meets expectations.

As you can see from these two clips, Carlile is a mix of country and rock - heavier on the country part and with a terrific high register that radiates genuine feeling. There's a slicker promo for the album on YouTube than you can click to here to hear her talk about the album, but I prefer the authenticity of these live clips (of which there are hundreds on the web) because it seems like the preferred way you would want to see her and the band.

No fancy frills, dancers, or light shows at these concerts. This is music for the un-photoshopped!


Joe Holmes said...

Beautiful voice -- and I love her comments about the obligatory encore. So funny, so true.

Lina said...

Love it!

Letterpress said...

My husband already has her on our iTunes, downloaded when I wasn't looking! Nice to have this serendipity this morning.

Adam said...

Thanks for posting this. Just getting caught up with you tonight, good set of posts lately, enjoyed it.