Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend Video

This isn’t pleasant, but it’s one of the more remarkable videos I’ve seen. It’s brilliantly put together – the way the tension mounts. And the punch-line (forgive the pun) is one of the more visceral anti-violence messages I’ve seen. Watch, but please don’t enjoy too much!

I'll try to replace it tomorrow with something more Valentine appropriate.


melange muse said...

That is a cool video. I love the slow motion of it!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should open your eyes : a black arm is punching white faces, is that really the best message against violence ?

The Year in Pictures said...

You can read whatever you want into it. For me, it was a shocking and surprising look at how horribly the face distorts on the impact of a punch. If it had been only women I would not have posted it. I did not read any racial subtext into it.


Jamie Sterns said...

very very very

Unknown said...

wow. WOW. This is phenomenal!

{It was actually really funny as the glove was slowly extending towards their heads}