Monday, July 7, 2008


No. I'm afraid this blog has not landed a six-figure advertising contract with Estee Lauder. Just some observations on their new campaign for Sensuous, shot by Craig McDean (who I'm a big fan of). According to Aerin Lauder, “Each model represents a different side of sensuality. Hilary (Rhoda) conveys youth, while Carolyn (Murphy)'s classic look communicates elegance. As an actress, Gwyneth (Paltrow) brings an emotional range to sensuality and Elizabeth (Hurley) portrays confidence and wisdom." Clearly ethnic diversity was not high on the sensuous value scale. The message I got was the younger you are, the more you can reveal under your classic white shirt!

Meanwhile “New York City Waterfalls,” Olafur Eliasson’s $15.5 million quartet of man-made waterfalls along New York's East River, says to me that not all public art projects work, and what we have here is a strong case of the Emperor's New Clothes. My favorite quote was from the young viewer who said it looked like the Brooklyn Bridge was leaking. Out of the mouths of babes!

Lastly, to finish off our Wimbledon coverage, a final that was played with such commitment, courage, and sportsmanship, it brought a lump to my throat.

I forgot to mention that the recent Milan men's fashion shows took up the P.J.s as day-wear in a BIG way. This look, clearly inspired by the postings on The Year in Pictures, from Bottega Veneta.


Barry said...

Despite Aerin Lauder fatuous description of the shots, these ads are just come-ons for guys to buy a fragrance.

I enjoyed the waterfalls much more about 12 months ago, when I first heard of them. I wouldn't travel to New York to see them (but might to see Jeff Koons on the roof of the Met).

I had the misfortune to be on a conference call during the last set of yesterday's match. So I had it playing on my monitor with the sound off as I talked about strategic plans. Sometimes a sporting event becomes much more than just a contest of skill and determination. It can reveal something about our humanity -- our capacity for going beyond. It turns out that I wasn't the only one on the call who was also watching this extraordinary match!

RubyMel said...

Thank you for commenting on Estee Lauder's lack of diversity. They made this big hype about having the first woman of color on their campaign (Liya Kebede), but her photos were always juxtaposed by Gwyneth and Elizabeth Hurley. AND then they leave her out of this campaign. I guess Women of Color are neither confident or sensual.

Unknown said...

#1. I'm wondering where Hilary's arm is.

#2. Elizabeth Hurley always looks beautiful.

#3. Wimbledon was amazing. What a match! They were so respectful of each other's skills at the end - something that you don't see much in sports.

Jessie Cacciola said...

i love the big eyebrow look of the first ad -- that needs to come back, along with the PJ look.

Christopher Paquette said...

I suspect that the waterfalls will never look as good in real time as they do in well crafted photograph. The image by Vincent LaForet in the Weekend Arts Section of the June 27th New York Times, is so beautiful and surreal... I am certain that seeing the real thing would only disappoint.

Joanna Goddard said...

i agree about the waterfalls! pretty disappointing. it looks like a hose broke on a construction site.

Anonymous said...

wish I coulda seen the waterfalls --saw his "industrial waterfall" in queens --moma in june -- hose breaking on construction site is,


beautiful. maybe that's because I worked in an oil refinery.--hm