Monday, July 14, 2008


Paramilitary policemen in the anti-terror drill display "To Welcome Olympic Games,To Ensure the Security" at Datianwan Stadium.

Early last month, China launched a week-long series of anti- terrorist drills called "Great Wall 5", in preparation for the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. It's clearly not a situation anyone can take lightly.

These uncredited pictures from China Photos via Getty Images are just a teaser for what is sure to be a deluge of amazing sports photographs when The Games start on 8.8.08. Finding the images that transcend the average is something I always look forward to, but I thought these were a good start.

Firemen cutting barriers.


The mighty Segway squadron!

To date, however, the story for me (and I think just about everybody) has to be Dara Torres, preparing to compete in her fifth Olympics as well as just breaking her own record at age 41.

Robert Maxwell, who I think is a vastly under-recognized photographer, took this powerful portrait for the New York Times Magazine showing what 0% body fat mixed 100% iron determination looks like.


nina corvallo said...

Robert Maxwell's work is fantastic and underrated indeed.

thechrisproject said...

I first saw all those pictures on's The Big Picture, which is worth a look if you haven't seen it yet:

Barry said...

Surely China Photos released these images for one and only one reason: to intimidate every participant and visitor.

How can we condone games held in such an environment? Do we not remember 1936?

Alice Olive said...

That portrait struck me as well. I couldn't stop looking at it - her body is amazing and her eyes just drew me in.