Friday, March 19, 2010

Aisle 4

Philippe Petit on his return across the wire. World Trade Center. August 7, 1984. By Jean Louis Blondeau. At Stephen Bulger.

I only had time to check out the aisle my booth is in, so I will do the other three aisles next. But for now, here are my ten favorite pictures from Aisle 4.

Showing how vivid a 19th century photograph can be - Edouard-Denis Baldus. Saint-Etienne de Caen at Gallery 19/21.

A compositionally stunning Josef Koudelka, "Ireland on St. Patrick's Day" at The Czech Center of Photography.

A cabinet of rare Japanese photo books at the always interesting Harper's Books.

A tiny Helmut Newton polaroid from Photology Gallery's display of various polaroids.

At Keith DeLellis, a Weegee of Limelight Gallery, often credit as the first photo gallery in New York.

At Joseph Bellows, this mammoth book of aerial photographs by Michael Light.

Also at Bellows, this 1977 photograph by Randal Levenson - "Stripper, Murphy Brothers Shows, Fargo, North Dakota". You've got to love a happy stripper!

This unusual almost snapshot picture by Dorothea Lange at Michael Shapiro.

And lastly, one of an interesting group of topographical pictures of the mid-west by Rhondal McKinney at PDNB Gallery.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thank you!


Jennifer said...

What a great sampling of interesting images. Thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, especially the Petit, Koudelka and Lange. Looking forward to seeing your selects from the other aisles.

Thought you might like this super short from Australia.