Friday, March 19, 2010

Danziger Projects at AIPAD

A Christopher Bucklow (r) and Jim Krantz (l) face you as you approach our booth.

Here is my booth at AIPAD. What goes into the selection of work to go in a booth? It is the end of the most carefully thought out process that has been taking place over the last two months - a distillation of what pictures and photographers have most struck a chord with me, who the gallery represents, and what I'm saying about the future and the past. It's also designed to be a harmonious whole where the works speak individually but also are enhanced by the dialog with the other work on display. (In case you thought it was just a bunch of pictures I was hoping to sell!)

Continuing round the booth counter-clockwise are Mario Sorrenti's early portrait of Kate Moss, Paul Fusco, and a wall of Viviane Sassen's.

The Sassens (ctd.) and my 70s/80s wall.

From left to right - Robert Mapplethorpe, two Annie Leibovitzes, and George Tice.

A vintage wall of paired images starting with Julia Margaret Cameron and followed by Edward Weston, Seydou Keita, and Ezra Stoller.

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