Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tokyo Photo 3.

The Sartorialist, as popular as he is in America and Europe, is not much known in Japan - but as these pictures hopefully show, not only was his work much admired, but the stylish visitors to Photo Tokyo were only too happy to pose for me.

A young photographer.

My translator, Wakako Masudo, who is writing her graduate dissertation on Madonna.

A young visitor.

A man with rolled up pants.

Shigeo Goto and Sawako Fukai from G/P Gallery.

Kind of a Harajuku girl.

A man with a black straw hat.

A tall woman in shorts.

A cool character with holes in his T shirt.

Two friends.

Two more friends.

This man's T shirt reads "Summer Madness" with a spider hanging off the "S".

A Comme des Garcons type girl.

A young man with black patent leather sandals.

A young woman with elaborate shoes.

A Japan Airline stewardess and her friend.

The fair organizer, Tomo Harada.


Fraggle said...

I first found out about The Sartorialist through his show at Danziger Projects. I was with a college class, and we stumbled in after looking at other nearby galleries. You were so nice and let us pick out one of the four postcards printed for the show each. I've followed his blog ever since, and was happy to find yours.

I love that you photographed the visitors! A very nice juxtaposition to Scott's photographs. Their different styles makes me wish he was shooting in Japan!

giggles said...

What fun!!! You are having fun!!!!

My camera and Me said...

What a variety of people!

Joe Holmes said...

These are really sweet.