Friday, September 25, 2009

I Apologize!

I know. I've been remiss in not posting more frequently. It's just been incredibly busy ever since I got back from Tokyo and while jet-lag was never an issue - a trip of that distance and quality somehow throws you off stride. But I'll keep trying.

Hands down the best show I've seen so far (outside of my own gallery) is the Lartigue show at the Howard Greenberg Gallery. Primarily composed of prints from the 1950s and 1960s, it captures the zest for life and movement that was Lartigue's great talent. There's a good selection of the iconic images, but also some new discoveries like the photograph above. Here are a few more (below) but if you're anywhere near New York you must catch the full show.

As usual, Kate Moss is always around somewhere. And with my new iPhone, which certainly takes better pictures than the original model, I'm free to snap away at whatever catches my eye. Heading into Crozier Art Storage a few days ago, here was their newly decorated truck. Those are Corinne Day's recent pictures of Kate commissioned by England's National Portrait Gallery.

A few blocks away on 22nd St.and all around the Chelsea/Meatpacking District - you'll see the work of this anonymous street artist/collagist. It's as good as anything in the galleries.

And here, again on 22nd Street is Anna Wintour. If you haven't seen "The September Issue" don't wait another minute. I found it both fascinating and incredibly well made. And not a dull moment.

Have you noticed how every other cab in New York is advertising strip clubs? I always wonder what a tourist to New York thinks. It's not as if this is what the city is known for. I guess the girl in the first two pictures below is doing double duty. So maybe the message is that if you work really hard in New York you'll succeed. Perhaps we need to inaugurate another blog search (as we did with Mannie Garcia) to find out who this hard worker is! Is this a stock photo that might pop up in ads in other cities or is she one of New York's finest?

And one last apology - or rather a warning. Edward Mapplethorpe e-mailed me recently to tell me that he was trying to show a client my blog, and while sitting at the computer with them he went to - only to find the most pornographic site imaginable! He was duly embarassed.

When I started this blog, I remember checking the .com URL and it wasn't available, but it certainly wasn't anything X-rated. So please send your friends to or the slightly less memorable

Happy Fall!


Joe Holmes said...

Yes, I really enjoyed "The September Issue," much more than I thought I would, though I think it was actually about Grace Coddington. What an interesting character! Let's see a whole movie about Grace.

mutima said...

ha ha so funny. gosh imagine if it was his boss he was trying to show the site to... i love the top images of the two strolling hats:)xx

Letterpress said...

Don't worry about your infrequent posts. You're on my blog roll--the real on the side of my blog--where I can get to you quickly, see if you've posted something, and yes--leave a comment. (Your past posts have made me aware of this responsibility in the blogging world, and I wrote about that issue extensively this morning on my blog:

Okay. Must say, I loved this post, not only for its usual thoughtful content but because I loved that quirky street artist being included. You do teach me to keep my eyes open and to look for the art around me (even on the sides of trucks).


Zander said...

HA! Nice segway from the strip clubs.

Gabriel Benaim said...

Part of the collage was made by an artist that goes by the name Ana Peru (not sure about the rest). These street artists usually document their work on flickr, so anyone curious about them can easily do a search there and see more. I spent some time a few months ago looking mostly at their work on the street here in Tel Aviv, and learning more about the scene online. There are definitely some top notch artists working in this genre right now, certainly in NY.

RubyMel said...

In regards to the strip club photos, I ask myself the same question. I also tend to wonder of in thought about all those videos they play at karaoke bars. Like where they came from? Where they test shots from some failed movie? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insight. Truly.