Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An American Tragedy

Any life derailed is a tragedy, but Britney's life - a life lived out as much in photographs as in her music - has been accelerating out of control at an unbelievable speed. Last week's paparazzi chase - or perhaps more accurately attack - may however, turn out to be a cultural as well as a legal turning point. Legislation is now pending in California to limit the proximity a paparazzi can have to their quarry. To anyone who saw the televised chopper shots of photographers descending on Spears as she was leaving the mental ward where she had been forcibly held under California's 5150 law, it seemed like this could not happen a minute too soon. Let's wait and see.


Molly Stevens said...

What about re-publicizing her/the American tragedy by posting the ambulance shot on this blog?

On one hand, it's perpetuation. On the other, an illustration that, in context, acts as a condemnation.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who has had a family member who suffers from mental illness her behavior is all horribly familiar.The behavior of the press can't help her, but one can hope that the publicity will awaken politicians to the immense problems with caring for the mentally ill.

The Year in Pictures said...

Katharine -

Thank you for your comment. I hope it is clear that this post was intended in both a concerned and respectful way. I think Britney is both deeply talented and deeply troubled and I hope there is some way for her to pull it back together.


Anonymous said...

I love that first shot. It characterizes Britney as Elvis-like.