Friday, August 3, 2012

Jenny Danziger. 2000 - 2012

Photograph by Elliott Erwitt

It's not everyday that a $5 dog found on and picked up at a kill shelter in rural Virginia goes on to live on Park Avenue and be photographed by some of the world's top photographers, but in her relatively long and always happy life, our dog Jenny had the pleasure of being photographed by Elliott Erwitt and The Sartorialist. She had an outsize personality and an even bigger heart and will be deeply missed by just about everyone who knew her.

For my 50th birthday, my wife surprised me by commissioning Eliott Erwitt to photograph Jenny with our kids. While I wasn't there for the secret sitting, apparently Erwitt startled the children even more than Jenny by getting down on his hands and knees and barking at Jenny before each picture!

Photograph by Elliott Erwitt

Several years later, I persuaded Scott Schuman to photograph our brood for a Christmas card and the result, with Jenny focused on something out of frame, captured her perfectly.

Photograph by The Sartorialist

One of my own favorite pictures of Jenny was taken in Bellport where Jenny liked nothing more than to go exploring and get as dirty as possible! I always thought she looked like she had been face-painted to look like a tiger in this snap!

As one of my son's friends was kind enough to text me after hearing the news of Jenny's passing "She was the best dog ever!"


Joe Holmes said...

Aw, she looks like such a sweetie! And a great model for photographers. It must be so sad to lose her.

Jo said...

So sorry to find out about your dog's passing. It truly is life's great tragedy that people always outlive their pets... The younger you are, the more unbearable it seems... Or so I felt as a teenager when I lost my childhood pet dog of 11 years.

What a gorgeous, beautiful dog Jenny was! Rest in peace, Jenny.

Anonymous said...

She was a great dog. I liked when she would kill small animals and deliver them to you, like a present.


Jennifer said...

What a sweet tribute to a true friend and loving member of your family. It sounds like she had a wonderful life. My sympathies to you and your family.

zara said...

what a nice doggie! she looks very happy in the pictures. I always think it's such a shame that such intelligent creatures like dogs have such a short life span. My sympathies to the entire 'Jenny's brood', she sure will be missed. Ula