Monday, August 20, 2012


I don’t know what took me so long but I’ve now become a huge fan of Instagram. I was never much of a Facebook type – a little too self-referential for my taste – and I would rather read a blog if you have something to say. But for those of us who like to look at pictures and communicate visually Instagram is both eye candy and soulful at the same time. It takes a combination of the eye, the heart, and the mind to compel you to post a picture. And then your friends can not only see what you're up to but what kind of a snapper you are.

Your more knowledgeable Instagram friends will tell you who might be worth following. Nick Knight, The Sartorialist, Tim Barber, and Tierney Gearon are just a few of the serious photographers using Instagram as well as companies like Alexander McQueen, LOVE Magazine, and Chanel. Every company will soon have their own Instagram account. It's so much less intrusive than any other form of social media.

Now of course I want to get more than the meager 26 followers I have after one week – so please follow me. Just search jamesdanziger. And I’ll look forward to following you!


Colleen Brynn said...

Consider yourself followed!

Unknown said...

I just follwed you.

Wallpaper said...

good article thanks