Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Night At The Museum

Patrick Robinson of The Gap. Photo: Tommy Ton for

As anyone in the business will tell you, there's nothing harder than shooting the red carpet at an event. But when gave the assignment of covering Monday's Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute gala to Tommy Ton, he had the intelligence to move away from the pack and the eye to capture a more relaxed and interesting point of view. Here are a small selection of his pictures - the rest can be seen here.

Mila Kunis

Alexa Chung

Chanel shoes

Lady Gaga performing inside the Met.

I did say I was going to refrain from posting my own pictures ... but as I was walking the dog the night before the above event, I passed the Met just as they were erecting the canopy for the gala. It all seemed so surreal and strangely lit I hussled home to get a camera to record the scene.

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Joe Holmes said...

The photo of the Met is stunning...